To maximize the performance of your processor, you must use the best AM3 CPU cooler. However, when the CPU becomes overheated, it does more than lag and frustrates the user. It is exposed to significant danger and can be destroyed, resulting in damage to other system components.

The most common types, which are listed below, are sure to keep the internal temperature of your system at a comfortable level. If you’re unsure which features to consider before buying, the concise guidance at the end of this article will assist.

Now, have a look at these best AM3 and AM3+ CPU coolers in 2023. Let’s start with the fundamental question!

What are the differences between AM3 and AM3+ CPU coolers?

AMD CPUs are supported via the AM3 and AM3+ CPU sockets. Both have their own set of features and requirements. In mid-2011, AMD introduced the AM3+ socket, which is the company’s final socket.

The AM3 socket, introduced in February 2009 as a replacement to the AM2 socket, can support DDR3 SDRAM.

AM3+ is essentially the same as AM3, except for a faster HT bus and minor improvements to the power management.

Top 6 Best AM3 And AM3+ CPU Coolers Reviews 2023

Best AM3 & AM3+ CPU Coolers

1. Noctua NH-D15 CPU Cooler

The Noctua NH-D15 is a genuinely remarkable piece of equipment. It easily outperforms its rivals and claims the air-cooling crown while giving even the most obnoxious AIO liquid coolers a good fight. 

Noctua’s new flagship cooler provides cooling performance that is unmatched in its class. Not only that, but it does it in an exceptionally quiet manner.


The NH-D15 is packaged in the same manner as other Noctua products. Because the box is pretty huge, you may anticipate that the Cooler will be relatively large as well. On the front of the cooler is a list of some of the Cooler’s most essential characteristics.

The Cooler’s topside image, with the Noctua brand name prominently displayed, is included on the top cover.


Take a look at the Cooler’s left and right sides for a moment. Both sides are symmetrical in their design. The tiered fins design is visible from this perspective. It is possible to see through the center of the stacks, but the leading and following fins are not covered.

It contributes to more targeted airflow through the fin stacks. Heat pipes will be installed directly amid the stacks.


As a result of the included pre-installed screws, the Backplates was quite simple to install, and it just slipped into place. The CPU tower fell into position nicely; all left is to apply some thermal oil and tighten the two spring screws.

Even though the Noctua NH-D15 is one of the costly air CPU coolers on the market, the price is precisely proportional to the performance and quality.

  • Solid Radiator
  • Quiet and cool
  • Little bit Expensive

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2. Deep Cool GAMMAXX400V2

Georgiamaxx 400 V2 (Blue) is a new model in the legendary Georgiamaxx 400 series, and it is the second iteration. This system is ready to take on anything with an upgraded 110mm fan with blue LED, four high-efficiency heat pipes, and a heat-resistant mounting kit.

The cooling performance on offer is what we find to be mainly impressive. In our testing, we discovered that it comes very close to 360mm levels of cooling performance.


The overall setup process is direct, and the behavior of the device is outstanding. The brand-new heat-resistant mounting kit makes it stress-free and harmless to use the GAMMAXX 400 V2 (Blue) than ever before.

Heat Pipes:

The specific technology allows the heat pipes to acquire CPU heat more efficiently due to the direct-touch technology. The larger surface area of the heat sink aids in the dissipation of heat more quickly.

Noise Level:

The PWM fan with Red LED maintains the ideal balance between noise and performance.

The Cooler is simple to put together. However, some users have expressed concern that it is not suitable for overclocking.

  • Reasonable thickness for added memory clearance 
  • Cooling capabilities
  • It runs quietly and has a pleasing appearance
  • No RGB options

3. Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo CPU Cooler

The Hyper 212 Evo v2 is a superb low-cost solution that offers a surprising amount of cooling capability. It is an exceptional choice for first-time system builders and those on a strict budget. 

While contemplating high-performance CPUs with large core counts and excellent overclocking capabilities, we recommend that you keep your expectations in check or look for a more competent alternative.


The white writing stands out at the top of the screen, displaying the Cooler Master’s name, logo, and slogan. The Cooler’s title is shown at the bottommost, along with a remark of the new hardware and Sickle Flow fan. 

The reverse of the box is identical to the front in that it is matte black, but we see a list of characteristics instead of a picture of the product.

Heat pipes:

Instead of given that a solid block surface to contact the CPU heat spreader, the Hyper 212 EVO arranges four copper heat pipes side by side, flattens them, and prevent them from moving about. The direct contact between the CPU and the Cooler allows for optimum heat dissipation from the CPU to the cooler.

Cooler Master produces a high-quality cooler that performs well and does not cause your ears to bleed while doing so. Even though it is a bit simple in appearance by today’s standards, but it is reasonable.

  • Great cooling performance
  • Affordable
  • Quite big
  • Dull design

4. Noctua NH-U12S Chromax

With the Chromax Black fan from Noctua, this single tower cooler can efficiently remove heat from the system. Five pipes are running at the same time. The Noctua NH-U12S is entirely compatible with AMD and Intel contemporary and older sockets and their respective processors.


It is wrapped in a square cardboard box with a distinct design from the other Noctua goods on the market. The cooler and the fan are shown on the front side of the package, which has an abstract backdrop behind them. The full product name displays in the top left corner of the box.

The packaging’s back and side panels provide an in-depth overview of the Cooler’s primary characteristics.


The heatsink has a typical design with a single tower arrangement. The fins are slanted at the edges to enable the fan clips to be mounted firmly while also reducing the danger of damage while handling the heatsink, which is very important.


The Cooler has a height of 154 millimeters. This Cooler will work with any chassis that has a CPU height clearance of 158mm or more. With this Cooler, there is sufficient room between it and the first PCIe slot.

With its average available space, the Noctua NH-U12S Chromax Black is an excellent choice for high-end systems.

  • Classic design
  • Top-notch performance
  • May be too simple

5. Thermaltake UX100 5V Air Cooler

On the Thermaltake UX100 CPU cooler, the superb cooling performance combines with a sleek look. It does this by incorporating nine high-airflow blades and a hydraulic bearing, which silently keeps your CPU cool and allows for steady operation continually.


The Cooler is packaged in a corrugated cardboard box. The visible and back sides of the box are similar. The brand logo and Thermaltake wording are printed on the left-hand side of the product. There is a photo of the cooler with the ARGB lights turned on in it. 

The compatibility information for the lighting solution with the onboard lighting headers of the motherboards is provided at the bottom of the package. 


The mounting kit makes it simple to install your new Cooler. The UX100 comes with all-in-one Backplates compatible with all of the latest Intel and AMD CPU sockets on the market.

Hydraulic Bearings That Work Excellently:

Because the hydraulic bearing is self-lubricating using a high-quality, friction-reducing material, it reduces operating noise while simultaneously increasing thermal efficiency. The seal cover prevents the flow of lubrication, increasing the service life of the unit in question.

Design for High Volume Airflow:

The fan blades are designed in such a way as to create a massive volume of air traveling through the aluminum heatsink from any angle. It provides consistent airflow and optimal cooling performance.

Noise Level:

The Thermaltake UX100 ARGB Lighting fan was heard even when sitting in a quiet environment, consistent with my previous experience.

It’s a bit plain-looking by today’s standards, but that’s ok because it is reasonably priced and works efficiently.

  • Impressive performance
  • Minimal noise
  • Modest design
  • Little bit Expensive

6. Cooler Master Liquid LC240E RGB 

The Master Liquid LC240E RGB uses a dual-pump system to keep your CPU cool, as well as two fans to control airflow. There is a wide variety of sockets that the CPU plate is compatible with, including the most contemporary Intel and AMD designs.


Its packaging, which is in the traditional Cooler Master black and purple color scheme, has a vast center picture of the ML240L V2 RGB AIO cooler, shown prominently on the front of the box. The Cooler’s components are given further protection within the container by a cardboard carton in which all of the pieces are carefully segregated.

RGB Lighting:

The Master Liquid ML240L RGB makes it simpler than ever before to coordinate the lights in your room. It includes 2 x Master Fan RGB, a water pump that glows in the dark with RGB, and a controller that allows you to control and sync everything.


Besides using an airflow and pressure balance ideal for removing heat from a fan system, use a quiet driver IC, which smoothens fan operation and reduces fan clicks and vibrations.


Installation is fast and straightforward on both Intel and AMD systems, and you’ll have everything you need right out of the box in both cases. 

Once installed, the Master Liquid ML240L RGB needs no more maintenance to maintain peak performance in quiet.

When it comes to performance for the price, the Cooler Master ML240L RGB is a standout choice. In any case, the RGB integrated functionality and simple style are at ease with the surroundings.

  • Good value for money
  • Good cooling ability
  • No cons as such

Factors to Consider Before Buying

1. Airflow Resistance

The device can jeopardize if there is consistent airflow resistance at all times. Consequently, some high-quality CPU air coolers have a stacked fin array, ensuring a smooth passage of cooled air into the heat sink. Such airflow helps in the reduction in the overall temperature of the device.

2. RGB Colors 

Another essential factor to consider is the RGB colors of the CPU. Additionally, these RGB CPU coolers come in various RGB colors that appear beautiful and appealing, in contrast to the ordinary CPU coolers available on the market.

3. Noise Level

While it is evident that some individuals are more concerned with having the quietest computer than they are with having the quickest.

It may be particularly true in media center PCs, where the task will not be very hard, but the noise will be pretty distracting due to the nature of the environment. 

So, it is always essential to check the noise level of the CPU cooler before buying it.

4. Heat Pipes

These pipes usually come with liquid coolers. They are essential for your Cooler to function correctly. When using a high-quality cooler, you should ensure that your pipes will continue to perform perfectly and not explode into flames.

It is better to verify the heat pipes for leaks before buying the cooler.

5. Easy to Install

After you’ve looked at the other characteristics, you’ll want to be sure that it’ll keep cool during the procedure as well.

If your CPU cooler installs improperly (or not installed at all), your CPU will heat up faster and hotter than it should, and it may eventually cause your computer to shut down.

6. Fan Speed

Many PC users have expressed concern that their PC fans create a loud noise or spin at a higher RPM when playing games on their computers. Some users, on the other hand, have expressed dissatisfaction with the reverse. 

The appropriate fan speed of the CPU should be adequate to avoid overheating and maintain the temperature within its safe operating range.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are AM3 and AM3+ compatible with one another?

    The answer is yes; all AMD sockets are backward compatible with one another. According to AMD, the cooler (heatsink) attachment is also compatible with the processor. There are no noteworthy mechanical variances between the attaching brackets. The only physical difference between AM3 and AM3+ CPUs is that AM3+ processors have one additional pin.

  2. What is the fastest AM3+ CPU Cooler?

    AMD AM3+ processors are surprisingly varied, and there are a plethora of excellent options available. Because they are so inexpensive, it is impossible to make a mistake no matter what you choose. However, the Thermaltake UX100 5V Air Cooler is the fastest one in this guide.

  3. What is the most efficient CPU cooler?

    When it comes to cooling your CPU, several aspects to consider when selecting which CPU cooler would be the most efficient for your PC.
    If you’re just concerned with keeping your temps down, and you don’t worry about how much it will cost, a product like GAMMAXX400V2 Blue CPU Air Cooler will be pretty effective.

  4. Does AM2 work with AM3?

    No, it will not be physically compatible. It is not possible to use an AM2 / AM2+ CPU in an AM3 socket. However, it is possible to use an AM3 CPU in an AM2+ socket due to the backward compatibility of the AM3 CPU.

  5. Is liquid cooling better than fan cooling?

    When compared to pure conduction, liquid cooling “more effectively distributes heat across a larger convective surface area (radiator) than pure conduction, enabling for lower fan speeds (better acoustics) or greater overall power.”

    In other words, it is extra energy-efficient and, in many cases, quieter. An all-in-one liquid CPU cooler will, on average, be silent than an air cooler set up directly on top of the CPU. Because the fans linked to the cooling radiator are often bigger, they may spin slower than those fixed to an air cooler.

  6. Is a CPU cooler really required?

    Because CPUs create a lot of heat, every single one of them will need a cooler. Some will just come with one, which will work enough for low-to-mid-range components, but once you start looking at more costly parts (or anything from Intel), you’ll need to invest in one of the finest CPU coolers available.

Final Thoughts:

These Am3+ CPU Coolers are an absolute must-have for every PC enthusiast. They are universally compatible with all motherboards and provide a plethora of other advantages in addition to cooling performance. In the long term, these may help to expand the whole performance of the system.

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