When purchasing the best CPU coolers for i7 3770K, consumers tend to buy the most expensive product they can find without researching its specifications and performance. That may work in some cases, but not all of the time since most hardware is not compatible with one another. Moreover, you must ensure that they are the best compatible with one another.

Thermal management devices such as CPU coolers function by absorbing and channeling heat away from the processor. The type and class of the cooler may have a substantial influence on the hardware’s temperature, as well as its performance and even its sound.

 If you want to control your CPU at ideal performance without disturbing the lifetime of your computer, you must invest in an outstanding cooling system.

There are hundreds of CPU coolers available on the market, but only a handful of these coolers are designed specifically. Low-profile CPU coolers that provide the most satisfactory performance while also being visually appealing have been selected by us.

Is it necessary for me to purchase a CPU cooler?

CPUs create a great deal of heat, meaning that every CPU on the market will need a cooler. There will be some that will just come with one, which will be suitable for low-to-mid-range components. 

However, when you start looking at more costly parts (or anything from Intel), you’ll need to invest in one of the finest CPU coolers available on the market today.

Top 5 Best CPU Coolers for i7 3770k Reviews 2023

These 5 picks of best CPU coolers for i7 3770K help you to choose the right one and it will also help you to increase your computer performance in many ways.

Best CPU Coolers For i7 3770K

1. Noctua NH-D15 Cooler

Noctua NH-D15 Cooler

Our top pick is the Noctua NH-D15 premium cooler. There are two cooling stacks with heat pipes flowing through them in the NH-D15. 

It is a vast air cooler with nickel plating on the outside and inside. When two fans are used in conjunction with this twin tower heatsink, it will offer increased surface area, better heat dispersion, and improved airflow.


The Noctua NH-D15 is packaged in the traditional Noctua fashion, with white trim encircling brown panels on the front and back. The cooler’s name is present on the left-hand side of the display and on the brown panel, where this cooler is identified as a D-type premium cooler.

On the back of the box, you’ll find a list of eleven features or inclusions that come with this cooler—things such as the number of heat pipes, memory compatibility, and so on.


According to the sound meter, the noise level of this cooler was 43 decibels (dB). Noise levels are retained to a bare minimum. Isn’t that fantastic? By the way, it’s because of the automated fan speed management on the motherboard.


One of the most remarkable characteristics of the NH D-15 is its superb cooling component. This component is, of course, required for all high-end cooling systems. As a result of the cooler’s massive NF A-15 fans, it can provide remarkable CPU cooling capabilities

 It also allows for substantial airflow across the surrounding heatsinks and motherboard components, resulting in outstanding cooling performance.


The Noctua NH-L9i premium is a model that is simple to find. All that is required is that you attach the cooler using the included screws. That’s it. Installation takes about two minutes! 

It is due to the SecuFirm2 mounting mechanism, which is simple and does not need any additional steps. It’s also worth noting that the cooler includes NT-H1 thermal paste, which is designed to aid in heat dispersion.

  • Exceptional cooling performance
  • Quiet operation
  • Well-rounded package
  • Good RAM clearance
  • Simple installation and removal
  • Brown and beige aren’t for everyone
  • Little bit Costly
Overall, there isn’t much to be dissatisfied about. Noctua provides some of the most simple to use yet physically sound mounting gear available in the cooling industry.

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2. Cryorig H5 Universal

Cryorig H5 Universal

Cryorig is a very young brand in the field of CPU cooling, but don’t let that deter you from trying them out!

Cryorig coolers are built to the highest quality standards, and the only thing that surpasses their visually beautiful appearance is their effectiveness in refrigeration. It is also quite affordable


The packaging for the CRYORIG H5 is simple yet effective. It consists of a massive image of the cooler set against a white backdrop. It is simple, clean, and has an adorable design; it contains product information on the sides of the boxes and connections to their website, which is quite fantastic. 

It includes video lessons on how to install the cooler and all of the other information you would expect to see on a website of this kind. Aside from that, the package covers further information, such as the technical terms.


The H5 Ultimate isn’t precisely aggressive in the traditional sense – it’s more of a balance between aggressiveness and simplicity, which is what I find to be the most appealing about it. There’s something about them that makes them perform well and makes them appear friendly while doing it. 

They have tried their best to think of everything, from the pleasant aesthetics to designing and positioning the fins to allow for the most efficient airflow possible. Overall, the design is excellent, and that is all there is to say about the item.


The CRYORIG H5 Ultimate CPU Cooler operates at a level of quietness that meets our requirements. It is in the top tier of coolers for the fan duty cycle at 100 percent.

  • The dimensions are minimal
  • Simple to set up right out of the box
  • Performs in hushed tones without making any sound
  • The thermal paste comes with the purchase of this cooling system
  • Compatible with just a small number of Intel sockets
The CRYORIG H5 Ultimate is an excellent performer, but there are a few things you should be aware of before making a purchase. It contains difficulties with case clearance.

3. Cooler Master Hyper 212

Cooler Master Hyper 212

The Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO CPU cooler is reliable and well-constructed and consider in best CPU coolers for i7 3770K. Improved heat dissipation is achieved by the use of four heat pipes and aluminum fins. You may quickly and install it on your motherboard and begin enjoying increased and exceptional performance right away.


The Hyper 212 EVO V2 is shown in its entirety on the front of the container, which is set against a matte-black background. The Cooler Master logo and slogan are prominently displayed at the top of the screen. 

The name of the cooler appears at the lowest. Even though the rear of the rectangular box seems to be the same as the front, it is matte black. However, it contains a list of four characteristics.


Improved blade design with a new curvature gives the optimum balance between airflow and static pressure to remove heat.

Additionally, the fan comes with anti-vibration rubber pads and long-life sleeve bearings. As a result, it intends to be around for the long run. 

One of the supreme beneficial traits of this CPU cooler is the ability to add a second fan. It implies that you may increase the cooling capacity of a cooler that is already capable.


Thanks to low vibrations and a whisper-quiet fan, the sound is almost inaudible. The fan noise level can reduce by more than 10% compared to the previous model.

Easy Installation:

Installation can simplify by the use of a tool-free mounting method. All of the most recent Intel and AMD socket CPUs are compatible with universal retaining brackets.

  • Simplified installation compared to prior versions
  • Silent operation
  • More appropriate for CPUs in the entry-level or mid-range price range

There is no question that Cooler Master manufactures a high-quality cooler that performs well and does not cause your ears to bleed. Despite being a bit simple in appearance by today’s standards, it is nearly too reasonably priced to pass up.

4. Thermaltake ToughFan 12

Thermaltake ToughFan 12

ToughFan 12 distinguishes itself from the competition by providing superior cooling performance, easy installation, and beautiful visual effects. You may also fine-tune settings with the assistance of cam software, which provides outstanding performance even in the most demanding gaming environments. 

Additionally, it provides customizable lighting effects as well as increased performance over the previous versions.


They operate at maximum working speeds of up to 3000 RPM. It is a PWM-controlled fan that provides unmatched cooling performance at high rates. 

The fan blade is an inimitable liquid crystal polymer (LCP), a complex that lessens vibration while the fan runs at extreme speed. The fan blade has extraordinary tensile strength and low thermal expansion coefficient materials.


The cooler collects heated air at the bottom and then dissipates it via a heatsink connected to the cooler. Whenever your site is drawn to the cooler, it seems attractive because of its fashionable appearance.

The rubberized fan frame is supplied with funnel-shaped air inlets to provide good air circulation and exceptionally high air pressure. It makes the fan particularly appropriate for use in powerful water-cooling and air-cooling setups, among other applications.


When it comes to hydraulic bearings, a novel shaft design with internal etches allows for the preservation of oil on both sides while simultaneously lowering noise during operation. It reduces the audible levels and increases the life of the system.

  • Extensive use of airpower
  • One-of-a-kind four-pipe cooling design
  • Simple to set up right out of the box
  • Thermal paste requires in addition to the rest of the supplies
  • The pricing is a little excessive

The quality of the merchandise is outstanding. You don’t get to see many of such coolers. It is, in my view, both functional and aesthetically pleasing. It offers its clients additional perks.

5. Corsair QL Series

Corsair QL Series

In terms of aesthetics, the Corsair RGB fans intend to “improve the appearance” of your setup. A high RPM rate and a high static pressure are not characteristics of this high-performance kind of engine.

However, it may still perform admirably in terms of keeping your system cool, as well as being visually pleasing to the eye.


The Corsair cooler comes in a box that is not much bigger than the fans themselves. The fan is shown in motion on the front of the box, and it informs us that the Lighting Node Core RGB controller includes in the package. 

On the reverse side of the box, there is another photo of the fans, a list of specs, and everything included in the package.


The lighting on the QL fans is its most distinguishing characteristic, with two light rings on both the inner and outside facing sides of the fans, which is unique in the industry. However, there are a plethora of low-cost fan solutions available.

Corsair employs its software to control its fans and any other Corsair products, which helps to make things easy for its extensive ecosystem of products.

  • Rubber pads that are correctly oriented
  • It has a high-end appearance and feels
  • The RGB lighting is just excellent
  • Little bit Expensive
When running at full capacity, it is the most fantastic air cooler in the industry – and it remains relatively quiet in all scenarios. It’s a top-of-the-line CPU cooler that’s accessible at a sound price.

Factors to Know Before Buy

As far as cooling your CPU is concerned, there are several aspects to consider when deciding which CPU cooler would be the most efficient for your chip and your case. Following are selected vital factors that you should consider before buying the best CPU coolers for i7 3770K.

1. Noise Level

When running at full load, your CPU cooler may be one of the loudest gears in your PC with some models reaching up to 70 decibels or more, depending on the model.

When dealing with power users that require a lot of performance from their CPU, this is increasingly typical. 

With the increased workload, the CPU creates more significant amounts of heat and necessitates more cooling. The disadvantage of this is that it raises the degree of noise.

In addition, the power supply generates a significant quantity of noise, particularly during a continuous high load operation.

2. Budget

The most desirable outcome should be to get a CPU cooler that is not prohibitively pricey. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a cooler that is just fascinating in appearance to get the job done. 

Performance is also required, and for this to occur, a budget buffer must be established. You shouldn’t be enthralled by the façade since, in the long run, it will be of no service to you. Make informed decisions!

3. Heat Pipes

Liquid coolers come with these pipes. They are required for your cooler to perform appropriately. As long as you get a high-quality cooler, the pipes will continue to function correctly without bursting into flames. 

It is preferable to inspect the heat pipes for any leakage before purchasing the cooler should not be overlooked. The consequences of having damaged pipes are dire if you find yourself in this situation.

4. Compatibility

CPU coolers are often a pretty brief update for your computer system. They will improve your ventilation, decrease your temps, increase efficiency, and speed up your computer’s clock. 

Maximum CPU coolers are well-suited with a extensive range of various sockets and layouts. Still, it is always simple to determine whether or not the cooler you want to purchase will fit into your particular socket.

When it comes to CPU coolers, the most crucial choice you must make is what you want to accomplish with your computer. It is the major query you should ask yourself because if you don’t recognize how much heat is produced by your computer, you won’t know if you want a small, moderate, or big CPU cooler to keep it running efficiently.

You’ll need to figure out what kind of socket you have first. It can accomplish by searching for your CPU or motherboard model on Google and visiting the manufacturer’s website.

5. Easy to Install

It’s now time to get to the difficult part. Once you’ve looked at other specifications, you’ll want to ensure that it’ll remain cool during the process. 

Your CPU will heat up quicker and hotter than it should if it installs incorrectly (or not installed at all), and it may finally shut down your computer.


The majority of CPUs come with a factory cooler, and many of them are sufficient to keep your CPU running. However, although purchasing an aftermarket cooler isn’t required, they do tend to offer benefits like quiet operation and improved looks, among other things.

That brings us to the conclusion of our list of the best CPU coolers for i7 3770K available for purchase for your PC setup. It comprises some of the most effective coolers available on the market.

 An excellent air cooler capable of cooling even the most powerful CPUs, the Noctua NH-D15 is our selection for the most delicate air cooler you can purchase right now.

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